Safaris in Kenia and Tanzania

Would you like to go on a trip to Kenya and Tanzania? At Masikio Safaris we take care of organizing your stay so that you only have to worry about packing your bags. This combo package is perfect for seeing first-hand all things that Africa can offer to its visitors. Don’t think twice and trust on us as we are experts in exclusive safaris.

Which is the best moment to travelling to Kenya and Tanzania?

Although these are obviously two different countries, there are no big differences about choosing the best moment to do a safari in Kenya or Tanzania. If you prefer to enjoy your holidays in summer, the best option is to travel during the dry season that begins in June and ends in September.

Are safaris in Kenya and Tanzania safe?

At Masikio Safaris we have a commitment to safety so that you can enjoy your safari in Kenya and Tanzania without problems. For this reason, we control your itinerary from the moment you arrive at the airport, informing the guides of possible delays or cancellations that may influence the plan drawn up in advance. In addition, you should know that we have a correspondent in Kenya and Tanzania that will help you in case of any eventuality that arises. On the other hand, we have a double security mechanism located in Spain to monitor the progress of your trip in real time to help you if may be necessary.

Which are the prices of our safaris in Kenya and Tanzania?

The offer of our travel agency focuses on personalized safaris. Consequently, we can not estimate the price of your trip to Kenya and Tanzania without knowing in advanced the activities or routes that will be included. If you want to find out about what we can offer you and the final price for the specific services you choose, you can contact our team through our web form or by phone.

What are the advantages of booking a safari in Kenya and Tanzania with Masikio?

At Masikio Safaris we are always working to improve the experience of our clients. This desire to improve has led us to create an advisory service so that you can choose the type of accommodation and activities to carry out during your holidays in Kenya and Tanzania. We can offer you from bike safaris to balloon safaris so that you will live incredible experiences.
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