Custom Counseling

Our tailor-made advice allows us to advise you on the best safari according to the month in which you travel, according to the style and level of hotels you want and according to the activities you want to include or your tastes or preferences. Many people ask us if the animals are in according to what month in Kenya or Tanzania for example … or if a certain month is better because of the prices or because of the weather to see some areas or others, or how many days are necessary to make a safari. All these doubts and many others, we will clarify them precisely and without any commitment.

Our trips can be done all days of the year days because they are tailor-made, in private and with daily departures, spanish-english speaker guide, and made for the number of people who are you. Each safari plan is customized to the exact number of days that each client wants according to their preferences and according to what we talk about in our advice according to the type and level of hotels and route they want. We will advise you.
Our advice is full and can be by mailed or by phoned but we recommend you to do a phone call because we will advance a lot in a single conversation about any questions related to the Parks and Reserves and this will allow us to send you a budget immediately.
The choice of safari and number of days, activities, type of accommodation you want, visits of tribes or special safaris by bicycle, boat, on foot, trekking, on horseback, etc., flights, vaccinations, pros and cons of each park, security, extensions to beaches, visas, etc.
Our phone availability is from Monday to Friday uninterruptedly until 9:00 p.m. and Sunday afternoons.
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