Travel tracking

A tailor-made trip would not be the same without an adequate control system.
Our travel monitoring as a local company that manages at the same time Kenya / Tanzania from Spain, allows us to give you maximum security while you are making the trip so that you can be totally calm every day during your trip. Currently, safety is the most important factor to take in mind.
Follow-up before arrival at destination:
We monitor since your trip begins at the airport before reaching the destination through sms or whasap to know if your flight is delayed, canceled or other circumstances. This allows us to notify the guides and correspondents who are waiting for you.
Follow-up during the trip:
We have a 24-hour spanish-english speaker correspondent in Kenya and Tanzania. We follow up from the moment each client arrives at their destination until they meet their guide or correspondent at the airport. We are pending in real time from Spain in case there is the minimum imbalance for which you need our help and immediate reaction. This follow-up lasts the entire trip since we have control of the person and phone from the guide who is with you throughout your trip.
The security process is fixed with a simple phone call before the trip to explain the coordination system that we are going to carry out. In addition, you can leave the phone with your relatives in case they want to locate you in real time for any news or issue that is important.

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