Rates and custom services

The rates for each safari depend on the number of people, month, route and level of accommodation that we use in your specific case (we will advise you). For all these reasons, each travel plan of those exposed on the web or made to your liking will be quoted according to your needs, so references to rates on the web are not included.

Custom safaris are the esence of Masikio Safaris.

A personalized trip means starting the day you want and issuing a flight arriving in this case to Nairobi or Arusha with the route that we have designed or the one you have chosen on the web. For make this to happen it is necessary not to mix groups at the destination as the trip is for the nucleus of people who are you. From two people to the number of members that make up the trip. In this way, every detail from the arrival to the departure of your personalized trip will be agreed upon and in detail.
The route is another fundamental element in custom safaris. For this reason, Masikio come up with a series of safari routes already planned on the web but which are only a reference. All of them can be lengthened, shortened, modified and linked to different activities and services.
Within the pre-trip advice phase, we will plan with you your travel idea, number of days, budget, accommodation , etc. We do not repeat two trips but we will find the travel plan that you have always dreamed adn therefore we will introduce all those things that are necessary to achieve it.

Contact us!!!!. We will be happy to helping you.

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