Safaris in Kenya

Do you want to enjoy a safari in Kenya? Well, you have arrived to the properly travel agency. At Masikio Safaris we are specialized in organizing special safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. Discover the wonders of going on a private safari without giving up a wide variety of routes and experiences.

What visas are needed in Kenya?

In addition to having a passport which is valid for at least six months, you will need a visa to travel to Kenya. You can request yours online through the website This is the simplest alternative since the visa options at the border or the visa granted in Kenyan embassies abroad may be restricted and even suspended due to COVID-19. Check the link of the Spanish embassy in Kenya to learn more.

Can I book a safari in Kenya and Tanzania with Masikio?

We are glad to assure you that question. In fact, we offer a combinated safari that shows in 10 days the best parts of Kenya and Tanzania. Among the most outstanding Natural Parks of Kenya and Tanzania that include Nogorongoro, Amboseli, Masai Mara, Lake Manyara and Naivasha. As the natural beauty of Africa is only a part of its charm, we also include visits to local tribes such as the Bushmen, Masai and Datogas.

Which is the price of a safari in Kenya?

To find out about the price of a safari in Kenya we recommend you to contact our team. Keep in mind that the total amount of the safari depends largely on the services included in it. If you wish, you can consult the different private safaris that we have prepared for you. At Masikio Safaris we will be happy to answer all your doubts and therefore helping you in design your ideal trip.

Which is the best moment to travel to Kenya?

The best moment to travel to Kenya is one of the most repeated questions among travelers. It all depends on the type of trip you prefer and the aspects of the African continent that most attract your attention. In general terms, it can be said that it is better to do a safari in Kenya from June to September during the dry season and from November to March due to the short rains.

Which safaris does Masikio offer in Kenya?

Here is a list with a brief description of the safaris in Kenya that our travel agency offers

Escape to Kenya 5 days

Do not you have enough time to do a safari in Kenya? Well, take the opportunity to see the most outstanding corners booking this package. Lake Naivasha and the Masai Mara National Reserve are waiting for you


Escape to Kilimanjaro 4 days

Discover Maasai Mara Game Reserve and the Lake Naivasha in just only 4 amazing days!


From Kilimanjaro to the Great Migration 7 days

Nairobi, Amboseli, the Masai Mara National Reserve and of course a stop at the Kilimanjaro lookout point. Check the available accommodations and activities!

The great Masai Mara 3 Days

We will drive all the way to Maasai Mara Game Reserve, for many, this is the best game reserve known for game viewing in the world
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